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Kodaly Award

13 Nov Contemporary Painter | Kodaly Award Ceremony

These are instructional photos about getting the Kodaly Award  award in a style of a contemporary painter.  — at MOM Kulturális Központ.

Romance Lyrique | science art

date: 10th November 2012

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In memoriam Örkény István Abszurd Flikk_Flakk 2012 10

16 Oct Egyperces Évszázad / Abszurd Flikk-Flakk in memoriam István Örkény

Photos from the book release of the Egyperces Évszázad with the announcement of results and award ceremony of the Abszurd Flikk-Flakk graphic arts, illustration  competition.

19th October – 2012 Abszurd Flikk-Flakk Exhibition , Allee Center, Budapest

Exhibition Opening: October 19th 17:00

guitar stunts: Gerendás Péter

photos: Skrapits Mirjana

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