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ARC 13 Geszti Péter Oliver Sin Bakos Gábor Bolgár Eszter

07 Sep ARC 13. Award Ceremony at Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest

1st place: Frenyó Teodóra
2nd place: Szabó Eszter Judit & Kun Dávid
3rd place: Dobi Nóra & Gáspár Attila
Borz-award (the award of insolence): Oliver Sin
MagNet Bank’s award for the strongest social message: Glázer Attila
Magnet Bank’s civil special award: Magyar Vakok és Gyengénlátok Országos Szövetsége
HVG „cover density” special award: Faniszló Ádám
Hammer Solutions’s ad-special award: Wollak Péter

Anchorman: Geszti Péter

Bakos Gábor, ARC
dr. Bakos Katalin, art historian, chief museologist at the graphics department of the Hungarian National Gallery
Bencsik Barnabás, ACAX Agency for Contemporary Art Exchange
Bolgár Eszter, ARC
D. Tóth Kriszta, writer-journalist, UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador
Gerényi Gábor, internet expert, informatician, co-founder of Index.hu
Kovács Gergő, Magyar Kétfarkú Kutya Párt
Parádi Judit, Ringier, Communication & B2B executive
Román Balázs, Kreatív & Kreatív Online co-editor in chief
Schilling Árpád, Krétakör
Szoboszlay Péter, Hammer Solutions, representative of HVG
Tóth Andrej, graphics artist, Kuzin Vizuális Műhely
Tóth Krisztián, Carnation Group, CEO, Chief Creative Officer
Udvarhelyi Éva Tessza, social scientist
Molnár Csaba – representative Magnet Bank


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10 Aug Hungarian Movin’ Gallery at Sziget | 8 – 9th August

Art camp photos with painting people, painted people and paint on people.

Hungarian Movin’ Gallery / Magyar Mozgó Képtár at Sziget Festival

8 – 9th August 2013

Check out 7th August photos here!

Check out 10th August photos here!

100 művész / 5 nap

100 artists / 5 days

Festő- és Grafikusművészek / Painters and Graphics:

Almásy Ottilia, Barabás Nelly, Baranyai Levente, Bárdits Éva, Benkő Katalin, Bott Maya, Bódis Barnabás, Bódis Botond, Bullet Shih (USA), Esse Bánki Ákos, Francois Joly (F), Fuchs Tamás, Fusz Mátyás, Gaál József, G. Horváth Boglárka, Grama István Pedro , Gyurics Balázs, Horváth Éva Mónika, Horváth Roland, Hudák L. László, Josephine Baan (NL), Kelemen Dénes Lehel, Kelemen Dóra, Kiss Erika, Knopf Andrea, Knyihár Bence, Köblös Péter, Lázár Tibor, Losonczy István, Magurszky Norbert Magi, Menyhárt Menyus Tamás, Schmidt Alexandra, Nagy Karolina, Nagy Ibolya, Németh Zsófia, Oliver Sin, Pinczés József , Rasa Vesali (Irán), Ruszti Ábel, Schmidt Alexandra, Sípos Ági Áfonya, Szabó Ildikó, Szigeti András, Szurcsik József, Takács János, Téglássy Anna, Tóth József, Tóth Tímea, Városi Gabriella, Végh Lajos, Verebics Kati, Végi Péter, Wechter Ákos, Wechter Dénes

Szobrászok / Sculptors:

David Wilkinson (UK), Duncan Watson (UK), Erdély Dániel, Fodor János Dániel, Frank Balázs, Heinz András, Jakab Tibor, Jankovics Máté, Magyari Balázs, Nagy Ibolya, Német Csaba, Németh Zsófia, Retkes Máté, Simon L. Dániel, Szabó Menyhért, Szécsi András, Tirnován Tamás, Varga Tüske Péter

Intermédiaművészek / Intermedia artists::

Dabi István Mikoláj, David Dickson (Skócia), Nagy Karolina, Nannette Vinson (USA), Pálfi Bernadette

Fotóművészek / Photographers:

Kuti Zsombor, ifj. Novák Mihály, Novák Tamás, Tálas Róbert

Performerek / Performers:

Bartók György, Berezvai Márta, Bujdosó János, Erdődy Kristóf, Gazdag István, Georg Ladányi, Havasi Zoltán, Kovács Gergely, Magyar Boglárka, Sáros Angéla, Sáros Miklós, Selmeczi Vilmos, Talán Miklós, Wayne Brett

photos : Oliver Sin

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contemporary painter - science art

02 May Contemporary Painter | NAMM 2013 – Fibenare Guitars / Oliver Sin Collaboration

Contemporary painter + boutique guitar from the future…

I love music, to listen it, to play it and I think that guitar is one of the greatest tool to create it. Lately I had the opportunity to collaborate with the Fibenare Guitars Co., the most exclusive luthiers in the business, who let me to paint on a true gem. They also make the sexiest guitar ever, the Fibenare Erotic.





“Guitarist Tom Quayle delivers the soundtrack for our visit to the Fibenare guitars booth. Master Luthier Gabor Goldschmidt gives us a rundown on the history, philosophy and their recent collaboration with Hungarian Artist / Painter Oliver Sin.”

Guitar Connoisseur (Online Magazine about the best luthiers, guitars on the planet!)


Guitar Planet:


Creative Commons License
These works are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

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planetary resources - science art

09 Aug Science Art | Planetary Resources Inc

science art | acrylic and oil pastel on canvas, 110X160cm

Planetary Resources Inc The Asteroid Mining Company by Oliver Sin

I made this science art picture about the Planetary Resources Inc. It’s company who started a revolution in the field asteroid mining. This alliance between scientists and billionaires will change the political construction of our society, because they will possess more resources from the space, than all other firms or governments can have in the next hundred years.

Space mining, asteroid mining – may sound even familiar, provided you know E.E. Smith’s Lensman series. Well, science-fiction may become real, as Planetary Resources announced that it’s going to mine outa space, so to say.

And why would they do that? Well, most of the precious metals and minerals on Earth derive from asteroid impacts, not to mention that their concentration in asteroids can be multiple hundred times higher than here on Earth. Modern technology and luxury craft uses gold, platinum, rhodium, iridium, ruthenium, and osmium – all which are rare and expensive. But what if we had a near infinite supply of them?

Yet, even of a greater value is the water these asteroids may contain. As boosting water into the space is very costly, it would reduce the cost of space missions by a lot if there was a space water-source. And from that water even hydrogen could be made, which is one component of the rocket fuel (the other is oxygen). So mining asteroids seems absolutely reasonable.

And that is what Planetary Resources thinks too. First they try to find the richest asteroids for mining with their Arkyd-100 space telescopes. Then, the promising candidates are examined by the Arkyd-200s. The swarm of Arkyd-300 series will finalize the selection taking complementary measurements. After that, the mining process can start. How? Well, it still needs some further research, but it is surely worth the efforts.

Planetary Resources Inc. with the staff: Eric Anderson, Peter H. Diamandis, Chris Lewicki, Chris Voorhees, James Cameron, Thomas D. Jones, General T. Michael Moseley, Sara Seager, Mark V. Sykes, David Vaskevitch, John K. Villa, John S. Lewis, Eric E. Schmidt, K. Ram Shriram, Charles Simonyi, Larry Page, Ross Perot.

10th March 2027

acrylic and oil pastel on canvas, 110X160cm


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math art

20 Jun Math Art | Untitled (N)

I always wanted to paint about something more durable than others, that’s why I use numbers.
Numbers are the cards in a game we used to call universe. I think that all the mathematicians feel this in their heart, but do not know it. They love to gamble for the big hit. “Untitled N” is the deck of cards.

math art | oil, oil pastel on canvas, 50X60cm

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universe part 2 by Oliver Sin

19 Jun Science Art | Universe

science art | acrylic and oil pastel on canvas, 80X120cm

Baroque ant eats bible. Art. Isn’t it?

When I’ve started high school (Miklós Radnóti High School, Dunakeszi) my father had that crazy idea to move to Göd-Újtelep. I don’t know anything about that place now, but back in 1999 it was a god-forgotten, dirty village. It was only renowned by its asylum for children. My school was to far, so I hadn’t got anything to have fun with. I was so bored, that one afternoon had that crazy idea to make an art collaboration with some kind of animals (too much spare time). Of course, our house had a big garden with some bushes, so my head started working.  Not much later I’ve found a little anthill under of these weed. I went back to the house, got some food from the kitchen and started painting on my biggest paper on the floor. With the food. I used some chicken, cereals, honey and everything I could find in the fridge. After I’ve finished I’ve put the whole stuff on the top of that anthill. In the next two week the ants started eatings and have finished the artwork.

This was my first performance I think and the inspiration for one of my favorite science art painting, Universe.

date: 27th August 2043

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science art guitar

18 Jun Math Art | Evolution Of Stanislav Smirnov On Guitar

Rockstars and mathematicians are the same. They deserve fame, glory and electric guitars. Smirnov mostly plays in the genres of complex analysis, dynamical systems and probability theory.

math art | acrylics on guitar


Stanislav Smirnov is a Russian mathematician, mostly known of his percolation theory. Percolation theory describes the relation and behaviour of connected clusters in a random graph, a randomly generated abstract representation of vertices (a set of objects) with edges (links exist between some pairs of the objects). The theory’s name comes from its representative question, which is the following. Assuming that some liquid is poured on top of some porous material, will it be able to make its way from hole to hole and reach bottom? Another model for it is like this: if we immerse a porous stone into water what is the probability of the centre of the stone getting wet? The question was introduced by Broadbent & Hammersley in 1957.

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max planck oliver sin macro

17 Jun Science Art | Quantum Theory On Boots With Max Planck


science art | acrylics on boots

Quantum mechanics is a descriptive branch of physics dealing with the atomic and subatomic world, giving explanation of the dual particle-like and wave-like behaviour of energy and matter. Max Planck, a German theoretical physicist, is considered father or the Quantum Theory. Planck (April 23, 1858 – October 4, 1947) started to deal with the black-body radiation problem in the 1890’s. In 1859 Gustav Kirchoff raised the question “how does the intensity of the electromagnetic radiation emitted by a black body depend on the frequency of the radiation and the temperature of the body?” Planck’s answer was that energy can only be radiated and absorbed in discrete amounts called “quantas”, or E = hν where h is the Planck’s constant and ν is the frequency of the radiation. Planck’s quantum hypothesis was used later by Albert Einstein to explain the photoelectric effect.

FN5 pályázatok kiállítása

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09 Jun Science Art | Hungaricum 2010 (The Lost Painting)

science artI’ve made this science art painting for the Friss Gallery (Budapest) in 2010. It was a competition with  a given theme, Hungaricum 2010. Hungaricum is name that only the best and unique Hungarian products or inventions can get. They didn’t choose my work and I forgot for a couple months that there is my painting too. Meanwhile I sold it to a friend for a pack of cigarette, while the picture was at the gallery. After the deal I went to the gallery, but it was closed completely and I never saw again the picture. So this artwork has been lost. I’ve taken photo the night when I finished the painting.

oil, oil pastel on canvas, 80X120cm



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