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universe part 2 by Oliver Sin

19 Jun Science Art | Universe

science art | acrylic and oil pastel on canvas, 80X120cm

Baroque ant eats bible. Art. Isn’t it?

When I’ve started high school (Miklós Radnóti High School, Dunakeszi) my father had that crazy idea to move to Göd-Újtelep. I don’t know anything about that place now, but back in 1999 it was a god-forgotten, dirty village. It was only renowned by its asylum for children. My school was to far, so I hadn’t got anything to have fun with. I was so bored, that one afternoon had that crazy idea to make an art collaboration with some kind of animals (too much spare time). Of course, our house had a big garden with some bushes, so my head started working.  Not much later I’ve found a little anthill under of these weed. I went back to the house, got some food from the kitchen and started painting on my biggest paper on the floor. With the food. I used some chicken, cereals, honey and everything I could find in the fridge. After I’ve finished I’ve put the whole stuff on the top of that anthill. In the next two week the ants started eatings and have finished the artwork.

This was my first performance I think and the inspiration for one of my favorite science art painting, Universe.

date: 27th August 2043

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Kabul part

09 Jun Kabul

7th January 2010

oil and oil pastel on canvas, 70X100cm


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