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18 Jun Math Art | Evolution Of Stanislav Smirnov On Guitar

Rockstars and mathematicians are the same. They deserve fame, glory and electric guitars. Smirnov mostly plays in the genres of complex analysis, dynamical systems and probability theory.

math art | acrylics on guitar


Stanislav Smirnov is a Russian mathematician, mostly known of his percolation theory. Percolation theory describes the relation and behaviour of connected clusters in a random graph, a randomly generated abstract representation of vertices (a set of objects) with edges (links exist between some pairs of the objects). The theory’s name comes from its representative question, which is the following. Assuming that some liquid is poured on top of some porous material, will it be able to make its way from hole to hole and reach bottom? Another model for it is like this: if we immerse a porous stone into water what is the probability of the centre of the stone getting wet? The question was introduced by Broadbent & Hammersley in 1957.

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Billy Blanco & Guitar by Oliver Sin

09 Jun Shadow Of Your Smile (series)

I’ve made these paintings, while I was listening the song “Shadow Of Your Smile” played by The Rosenberg Trio. Who is Billy Blanco? I read this name somewhere on that CD case, I liked it so I decided to put it on the picture.So I had these three fresh canvases and that beautiful music gave me the rhythm for the work. Maybe this is the only painting where you can see a guitar I drew. I usually use guitars as canvases.

oil,oil pastel on canvas, 3 pieces 30X40cm

date: 8th March 2017

private collection

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osváth jenő

08 Jun Political Art | Osvath Jenő – Oliver Sin Collaboraton Guitar

This guitar is made with using a cool  Osváth Jenő design for a music video.

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