Oliver Sin | contemporary painter | 2009
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Horror Magik USA_magik

23 Jun Horror, Magik, USA

p style=”text-align: justify;”This painting is not about a nightmare. This was one of my first bigger canvases, so I decided to make something expressive.  It was in 2009, winter just started and if my memory is good my grandmother died 4 or 5 month before. I started to paint a couple hours after mindnight and I was a little lonely, because I lived alone that time. I layed down the canvas on the floor and selected my favorite reds and carmines from my toolbox. I’ve put the oil paint directly on the canvas and used it as a palette. I mixed the paint, while I was listening Hiram Bullock. I really like the energy and the habit he uses in his music.  It was just a whirlwind of reds on Hiram’s music. R.I.P./p
p style=”text-align: justify;”date: 6th November 2017/p
p style=”text-align: justify;”oil, oil pastel on canvas, 80X120cm/p
p style=”text-align: justify;”private collection/p

p style=”text-align: justify;”/p

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Pope 3rd February 2017 part by Oliver Sin

21 Jun Pope 3rd February 2017


In 2009 on the Christmas Eve Mess Pope Benedict XVI was dragged to the ground by a woman, who was later identified as Susanna Maiolo, 25, having tried to attack the pontiff the year before too. The attack was fairly harmless, and the woman was taken to a mental hospital. Not every attack against a pontiff ended well, however. Pope John Paul II for example was shot four times in St Peter’s Square in May 1981 by a Turkish man. In 1970 Pope Paul VI was almost stabbed by an artist in Manila, Philippines. 22 years later, on 12 May 1982, a former Roman Catholic priest named Juan María Fernández y Krohn tried to stab Pope John Paul II with a bayonet.

oil and oil pastel on canvas, 70X100cm

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09 Jun Science Art | Electron

science art | oil, oil pastel on canvas, 80X120cmscience art

This science art painting strated with an idea about the light that changes everything. How it reinvents objects, how it makes a perfect deception. Mostly we receive information throught vision from our world, so it is very important to know how it works for the everybody.

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09 Jun Route In Paris & My Endless Head

oil, oil pastel on canvas, 2 pieces 50X70cm

private collection

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09 Jun Pazi

I made this painting in 2009, soon after I’ve finished my Croatian studies at West Hungarian University. “Pazi” is a Croatian word, the English translation is “Look out!’ or “Attention!”.

oil, oil pastel on canvas, 50X70cm

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09 Jun Venus

oil, oil pastel on canvas, 80X100cm      private collection

Venus is the second planet around the Sun in our solar system. It is the only planet in the solar system that was named after a female character – namely Venus, the Roman goddess of love, sexuality, and affection, born of sea-foam. Its astronomical symbol is the symbol of the female sex in biology. For a long time it was believed that it is a star, hence the still popular Morning Star or Evening Star name. The planet has had a close connection to mythology for the past four thousand years. In many cultures it was closely related to womanhood, named after a goddess of love and war. Hence the Babylonians called it Ishtar, the Hellenistic Greeks named it Aphrodite, and the Romans, borrowing much of their mythology from the Greeks, called it Venus. (The goddess) Venus also had religious bonds too, many festivals, like Veneralia, Vinalia urbana or Vinalia Rustica were held for her favour during the year.

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