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Submit Articles

Send your Science Art ideas and guest blogging articles, posts, stories, what-ever-have you to scienceartmagazine[at]gmail.com and I’ll give you a quick thumbs up / down. 


Theme: science art, math art, science vs. art etc. Be creative!

1. Posts and Articles should be at least (or as close too) 400 words.

2. Please include at least 1 picture or 1 video (just link) in your article.

3. Please do not include Affiliate Links, I reserve the right to edit and copy edit all material, and these links will be removed.

4. Submit your article to scienceartmagazine[at]gmail.com in standard font & size, as a ‘Word’ attachment (I prefer .doc to .docx, please don’t send in text of email itself)

5. Max. file size: 2 MB

Note: If any part of your article / work has been published previously, you must inform me in writing—or you legally guarantee our right to publish. If your work has been published previously elsewhere online, please update your article with a slightly new title and/or intro. This allows Google and other search engines to pick up the article as a new, unique article. Better for your article, better for elephant’s cred.

Of Course You Get Something In Return!

If you blog or guest blog for me you will be able to promote your website/facebook/twitter/linkedin/ your face or whatever else you may have in a BIO at the END OF EVERY POST you make on Science Art Magazine, Oliver Sin Official! All articles and posts from you, whether your a guest blogger, a one and done post maker, or want to be a continuous partner, are fully promoted through venues like Twitter, Facebook, Google+ etc…

I hope to hear from you very soon!