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Renoir Handmade Oil Painting Reproductions – sponsor of Wikigallery.org

Fine art appraisal, art prices – Search free
Click here: Free auction prices. Signatures and monograms.

A Singular Creation (ASC) is a free online art community that promotes and showcases all types of art and artists.

Mathpuzzle.com Math puzzles and many more interesting stuff about math.

Mangusmath.com The Mangus Math Teaching Program.

Mathematics in Art and Architecture Math art from Singapore by Helmer Aslaksen

Virtualmathmuseum.org  3DXM Consortium, an international volunteer group of mathematicians

Bugman123.com  Great science and art collection by Paul Nylander

Arts-Directory.org / Crafts Crafts Web Directory

Math and the Art of M. C. Escher  – a very cool math art wiki

 Bruno Kevius – notorious math criminal

MathCats – every cat loves number theory