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Contemporary Painter | Exhibitions

Upcoming events, exhibitions:

2013. 12th April – 20th August Budapest Art Expo Friss 2013 MűvészetMalom, Szentendre

2013. 12th May – 12th June Art Feszt VI. Corvin Community Centre – Theater Of Erzsébetliget, Erzsébetliget

2013. 4th  June – 4th July In-Spirál-Ház Zsókavár Gallery, Újpalota

2013. 22nd June – 1st August Napfesztivál Art Lavina Gallery, Vác

2013. 4th August – 11th August Sziget Festival Hungarian Movin’ Gallery, Budapest

2013. 6th September – 13. ARC, Budapest

2013. 6th September – MODESSQE Skwer, Warsaw

2013. 11th October – 13th October 11th Warsaw Art Fair

2013. 14th November Ezüstgerely Exhibition, Sportmuseum, Budapest

2013. 18th November National Evangelical Museum, Budapest

2013. 11th December Art Gallery on Chłodna 31 Street, Warsaw (Poland)

2014. 26th January NAMM 2014 (Fibenare), Anaheim (USA)

2014. 13th February Pracownia pod Baranami (MODESSQE), Krakow (Poland)

2014. 28th February – 31st May My Mind Is Open at Serpenyős, Budapest

2014. 18th – 27th April Central Elements Cambridge Science Festival (M.I.T.), Cambridge (USA)

2014. 6th – 19th September Art & Science University Of Debrecen, Debrecen

2014. 12th September – 17th October My Brain Is Still Open Hungarian Academy Of Sciences SZAB, Szeged