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Hiromi Uehara, Piano Woman

Hiromi Uehara Piano Woman_Oliver Sin 2012

01 May Hiromi Uehara, Piano Woman

A refused artwork, because I’m not a transsexual.

I’ve made this picture for an art exhibition opportunity for a Hungarian lesbian organization, LABRISZ. This work is about the fantastic Hiromi Uehara, she is one of the best piano players who ever lived  on this planet. I’ve just wanted to support every women, because I’m against of every way of discrimination.

Yesterday I got a phone call from them and they said they liked this work very much and wanted to exhibit my work. After they started asking about my gender (because they saw my name). They only wanted to know if I’m a transsexual or not.  After I said I’m not, I’m a heterosexual male, they refused my work to exhibit.  I thought that is good idea if man supports lesbian women, but they thought my gender isn’t appropriate for supporting them.

They didn’t indicate in the tender, that they don’t want men to submit art. So I made the picture to support them. They also said that my work is good for their exhibition, but after they got know my sex, they refused to exhibit my work. As it turned out now, it wasn’t a really good idea to support lesbian women in an artistic way.

Besides Hiromi and her music are beautiful and I don’t know and don’t want to know anything about her sexual identity.

  • BAReFOOt
    Posted at 15:41h, 10 October Reply

    A Jew can be a Nazi too. Just look at Israel.
    A black person can be a racist too.

    And a lesbian woman can be sexist too.

    I found that those who were victims or something, very often become the worst doers of that something, and often even surpass the ones that did it to them.

    Just look at a person, whose loved partner was murdered. Instantly, they lose all reluctance in murdering, torturing and terrorizing whoever they think did it. Not even remotely realizing the irony of that.

  • ABie NRML
    Posted at 13:40h, 19 October Reply

    Just check the call! You try to apply for a call where the targetgroup was women! I think it is a logical question, if you are woman or MTF or FTM or man or WTF? And you are a man, aren’t you? So, it was not your turn.
    And the theme was: Let yourself be! And you send a picture of Hiromi. But you aren’t Hiromi. So it was not your turn.
    Sometimes it happens. Take it easy!

  • Oliver Sin
    Posted at 12:18h, 20 October Reply

    What about if a society of hunters make a call for artists to paint something about animals? Who can apply for that call? Can an artist apply or just the hunters and animals? “Let yourself be” means more if you make an expression of your thoughts, than just making a picture about yourself.

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