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Contemporary Painter | Bio


contemporary painter | science art | math art

Oliver Sin is a Hungarian contemporary painter. In his style are mixing Neo-expressionism, Street Art, Dadaism, Conceptual and Political Art together with science, as spices in a tasty French soup. He paints his scientific formulas on different surfaces like canvases, guitars, girlfriend’s shoes etc.. When he doesn’t paint, he plays the guitar and/or travels with a camera (  http://1foto.hu )  in his hands. 

“The very first moment when I realized what abstract art is, was the moment when my father came to my exhibition and he said: – Okay, but where are the pictures?”

“My first memory with visual arts is from 1988, when I was about 3 years old and everybody in my family started to talk about my sister’s talent in drawing. They didn’t think I have talent, but I have never believed that talent exists, so I started to paint.  Then I realized that I have the ability plant some charisma into the pictures. Later I noticed that I instinctively gravitate towards arts. So I started to become a professional artist with trying to live my life as honest as I can and trying to paint as less conscious as I can. I didn’t choose this method, but it works.

Everybody has a unique perspective to sense and communicate. Mine is mostly comes from my musical heritage. It’s like improvising in music, science and futurology are all parts of my style. Making art is the same as speaking, just using colors and shapes instead of sounds. Creating art is natural, if you practice it enough. The most themes I use on my works come to my mind subconsciously. When I start to paint the painting simply becomes a print of my subconscious beliefs, maybe political beliefs.

I wouldn’t say that I’m investigating science and future, I am just not interested in investigating past and history. One day maybe I will be the next Nostradamus.

Science and art search the answer to the same question. That answer excites me.”


1998-2002 Szőnyi István Summer Art School, Youth Art Colony
2004-2009 West-Hungarian University – Visual Arts


2012 Kodaly Award (visual art category)
2013 Art Feszt Special Award
2013 ARC 13. / Borz-award (the award of insolence)


2009 Budapest, Bakelit Multi Art Center, Diploma Nélkül II.
2010 Budapest, Pszinapszis XIV.
2012 Érd, City Gallery, Ez van!
2012 Budapest, Syma Centre, Decoration Society Contest II.
2012 Budapest, FN5, Millenáris
2012 Vác, Exhibition of the Contemporary Values II. K.É.K.
2012 Budapest, Bakelit Multi Art Center
2012 Budapest, Abszurd Flikk-Flakk, Alle Center
2012 Budapest, Bakelit Pályázat 2nd Exhibition, Fogasház Kulturális Befogadótér
2012 Budapest, Honoratus Kodály Zoltán, MOM Kulturális Központ
2013 Los Angeles (USA), NAMM Show / Fibenare
2013 Szentendre, Budapest Art Expo Fresh VI.- International Biennial Of Young Artists
2013 Erzsébetliget, Art Feszt VI.
2013 Újpalota, In-Spirál Ház, Zsókavár Gallery
2013 Vác, Light / Fény – Napfesztivál, Art Lavina Gallery
2013 Budapest, ARC 13.
2013 Warsaw (PL), Skwer MODESSQE 1st
2013 Warsaw (PL), 11th Warsaw Art Fair (MODESSQE)
2014 Anaheim (USA), California, NAMM Show with Fibenare Guitars Co.
2014 Krakow (PL), Pracownia pod Baranami (MODESSQE)
2014 Budapest, My Brain Is Open at Serpenyős
2014 Cambridge (USA), Central Elements Cambridge Science Festival (M.I.T.)
2014 Debrecen, Art & Science, University Of Debrecen
2014 Szeged, My Brain Is Still Open, Hungarian Academy Of Sciences SZAB
2015 London, Imperial College London

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