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Videos / Music

Art Market Budapest 2014 Oliver Sin video

10 Jun Art Market Budapest 2014

This is not an official Art Market Budapest video, just my art video project about AMB.

created by:
Oliver Šin

“Sugarcube Addict”
Performed by The H215
Written and Produced by Ruslan Garin
Courtesy of Rolls-Royce Music Box


Art Market Budapest


filmed at Art Market Budapest 2013

acb – Budapest (H), Apoteka – Vodnjan-Dignano (HR), Apteka Sztuki – Warsaw (PL), Arionte – Catania (I), Arteko – Catania (I), Bergman – Budapest (H), CCA&A – Hamburg (D), Chimera – Project – Budapest (H), Deák Erika – Budapest (H), Ralf Dellert – Munich (D), Eka & Moor – Madrid (ES), Erdész – Szentendre (H), Greta – Zagreb (HR), Güler Sanat – Ankara (TR), Hal Köz – Debrecen (H), Inda – Budapest (H), Kisterem – Budapest (H), Ari Kupsus – Budapest (H), Kürye – Istanbul (TR), Léna & Roselli – Budapest (H), Martin Mertens – Berlin (D), Merkur – Istanbul (TR), Molnár Ani – Budapest (H), Neon – Budapest (H), NextArt – Budapest (H), Pg Art –Istanbul (TR), Photon – Ljubljana (SLO), Photoport – Bratislava (SK), Pi Artworks – Istanbul (TR), Plan B – Berlin, Cluj (RO), Quadro – Cluj (RO), Reinthaler – Vienna (A), Schreiter – Munich (D), SODA – Bratislava (SK), Studio Ambre Italia – Milan (I), Jiri Svestka – Prauge (CZ), Theca – Lugano (CH), Trapéz – Budapest (H), Tsekh – Kiev (UA), UFO Fabrik – Moena (I), Ular – Almaty (KZ), Várfok – Budapest (H), Viltin – Budapest (H), Vintage – Budapest (H), Whiteconcepts – Berlin (D), Wolkonsky – Munich (D), Zorzini – Bucharest (RO)

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fibenare erdős_by_Oliver Sin_small

05 Mar Fibenare – Paul Erdős Guitar

“Why are numbers beautiful? It’s like asking why is Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony
beautiful. If you don’t see why, someone can’t tell you. I know numbers are
beautiful. If they aren’t beautiful, nothing is.” — Paul Erdős

Paul Erdős Guitar for Paul Erdős’s 100th anniversary

Fibenare Guitars Co. &  Oliver Šin’s 2nd Collaboration

exhibited at NAMM 2014, Anaheim, California


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Bieniek performance at Lena Roselli Gallery photos by Oliver Sin 3

03 May Contemporary Painter | Sebastian Bieniek’s performance at Art Market Budapest 2012

This is a great performace by contemporary painter Sebastian Bieniek at Lena & Roselli Gallery’s booth at Art Market Budapest 2012.

10th November 2012

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contemporary painter - science art

02 May Contemporary Painter | NAMM 2013 – Fibenare Guitars / Oliver Sin Collaboration

Contemporary painter + boutique guitar from the future…

I love music, to listen it, to play it and I think that guitar is one of the greatest tool to create it. Lately I had the opportunity to collaborate with the Fibenare Guitars Co., the most exclusive luthiers in the business, who let me to paint on a true gem. They also make the sexiest guitar ever, the Fibenare Erotic.





“Guitarist Tom Quayle delivers the soundtrack for our visit to the Fibenare guitars booth. Master Luthier Gabor Goldschmidt gives us a rundown on the history, philosophy and their recent collaboration with Hungarian Artist / Painter Oliver Sin.”

Guitar Connoisseur (Online Magazine about the best luthiers, guitars on the planet!)


Guitar Planet:


Creative Commons License
These works are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

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K.É.K.-Exhibition-of-the-Contemporary-Values-II_Oliver Sin

01 May K.É.K. – Exhibition of the Contemporary Values II. – Video

Video and some photos  from the K.É.K. – Kortárs Értékek Kiállítása II. (Exhibition of the Contemporary Values II.)  18th October – 9th December 2012, Váci Értéktár, Vác, Hungary.

Interactive art activity with the students of the Madách Imre Gimnázium, Vác.

28th November 2012.

Click here for the exhibition opening ceremony photos!

Márton Dániel és Németh Balázs Kristóf

Madách Imre Gimnázium – Vác
Nemzeti Kulturális Alap (National Cultural Fund)
Vác Város Önkormányzata


photos by Molnár Kristóf ( molnarka.hu – frissen őrölt hírek)



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osváth jenő

08 Jun Political Art | Osvath Jenő – Oliver Sin Collaboraton Guitar

This guitar is made with using a cool  Osváth Jenő design for a music video.

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Hiromi Uehara Piano Woman_Oliver Sin 2012

01 May Hiromi Uehara, Piano Woman

A refused artwork, because I’m not a transsexual.

I’ve made this picture for an art exhibition opportunity for a Hungarian lesbian organization, LABRISZ. This work is about the fantastic Hiromi Uehara, she is one of the best piano players who ever lived  on this planet. I’ve just wanted to support every women, because I’m against of every way of discrimination.

Yesterday I got a phone call from them and they said they liked this work very much and wanted to exhibit my work. After they started asking about my gender (because they saw my name). They only wanted to know if I’m a transsexual or not.  After I said I’m not, I’m a heterosexual male, they refused my work to exhibit.  I thought that is good idea if man supports lesbian women, but they thought my gender isn’t appropriate for supporting them.

They didn’t indicate in the tender, that they don’t want men to submit art. So I made the picture to support them. They also said that my work is good for their exhibition, but after they got know my sex, they refused to exhibit my work. As it turned out now, it wasn’t a really good idea to support lesbian women in an artistic way.

Besides Hiromi and her music are beautiful and I don’t know and don’t want to know anything about her sexual identity.

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Time To Rock Oliver Sin 2011

19 Oct Time To Rock With A Band Called Erik / Music Videos

Time to rock.

Erik Live on RTL Klub


Erik – Látod győztél

Erik – A Tűzzel játszol


Authors: Pete Woodroffe / Charlie Grant / Nick Atkinson
Hungarian Lyrics: Duba Gábor
Orchestration: Szakos Krisztián

Publisher: Erik Records Kft.
Distribution: Universal Hungary
Band: Skrapits Erik (vocal), Derzsi Szabolcs (synth), Németh Szabolcs (drums), Oliver Sin (guitar), Derzsi Zsolt (bass)
Director: Jimy
Photography: Mayer Zoltán
Editor: Cun
Makeup:Gál Hajnalka
Stylist: Harmos Brigi
Hair: Keresztúri Bernadett
Models: Art Models (Anita, Hella)

Location: La Prima Fashion Hotel

Erik – Élni Kell


Check the Osvath-Sin Collaboration Guitar here!

Publisher: Erik Records Kft.
Distribution: Universal Hungary
Band: Skrapits Erik (vocal), Harangozó Róbert (synth), Németh Szabolcs (drums), Oliver Sin (guitar), Tímár Dusán (bass)
Music, Lyrics, Orchestration: Szakos Krisztián
Director: Jimy
Photograph: Mayer Zoltán
Editor: Cun
Makeup: Pádár Bernadett
Stylist: Harmos Brigi
Hair: Varga Éva (Bécó)

Erik – Gondolj Rám


Erik’s first solo music video
Concept: Cinematrix Kft.
Director: Galán Géza J.
Photography: Szigethy Márton
Band: Skrapits Erik (vocal), Harangozó Róbert (synth), Németh Szabolcs (drums), Oliver Sin (guitar), Tímár Dusán (bass)
Music, Lyrics, Orchestration:  Szakos Krisztián

Erik Official Website: http://erikmusic.hu

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